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Meguiars - Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner 473ml

Meguiars - Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner 473ml

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The Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is specially formulated to achieve improved clarity, even through the toughest dirt & grime on tinted windows! It removes vinyl fog residue, road grime, bird droppings and bug splatter with its superior cleaning ability. The unique formula spreads and wipes off quickly and easily, leaving no smudge marks or hazing effects behind.

Features & Benefits:
  • Size: 473ml
  • Professional grade formula provides streak-free clarity to all types of glass
  • Most effective when used with a high-quality microfiber towel, like Meguiar's® Supreme Shine™ Microfiber - X2020
  • Contains lubricant that creates an easy slide effect with no residue
  • Can be used on cars and at home – ideal for use on glass tables, glass tops, windows, sinks, etc
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer with dust repellent technology
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